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CZ Wafer
  2" , 3" , 4" , 5" , 6" , 8" , 12"
  Prime, Test, Mechanical, Dummy, Rejected
  Type   P ( Boron ) N ( Phosphorous, Antimony, Arsenic )
  Orientation   <1-0-0 > <1-1-0> <1-1-1>
  Resistivity   0.001 ~ 100 ohm.cm
  Thckness   SEMI- standard
  Surface   Single side polishing, Double side polishing, Lapped, Etched
  Back side   Etched, Polished, Lapped
  Flat   Primary Flat , Secondary Flat
FZ Wafer ( High Resistivity )
PFZ product sheet
  Premium Float Zone : Float Zone Silicon primarily for power and detector applications
NTD product sheet
  NTD   Neutron Transmutation Doped (NTD) Silicon for Power Applications
HPS product sheet
  High Purity Silicon (HPS) primarily for Detector Applications
HiRes product sheet
  HiRes™   Topsil is introducing HiRes™ silicon for emerging GHz communication platforms:
PV-FZ product sheet
  PV-FZ™   Topsil provides PV-FZ™ silicon material, the ideal substrate for the next generation of high efficient and cost effective solar cell modules.
HiTran product sheet
  High Transmission Silicon for Infrared applications
MEMS wafers product sheet
  MEMS wafers   Topsil is selling silicon wafers for emerging MEMS device platforms
Wafer service ( Blanket wafer , Coating service )
  4" to 12 "  
  Customer requesting thickness, Ultra Thin, Thick.
Double side polished, Signle side polished.
  Film Deposition   Thermal oxide Wet type and Dry type
      LPCVD Poly silicon, TEOS, Nitride, ETC.
      PVD W, Au, Cu, Ta, Ti, TaN, TiN
CMP Patterned wafer
Wafer Type Mask Features
SKW 1-1 150mm
  SKW1 200mm
  SKW7-2 200mm
  SKW 7-2HSH 200mm
  Wafer Type Mask Features
SKW3-2 HDP CVD oxide film
  SKW3-5 HDP CVD oxide film/ defectivity
  SKW3-6 HDP CVD oxide film planarity & defectivity evaluation
  Wafer Type Mask Features
  SKW5-3 Single damascene structure
  SKW5PA (RAM 7) Plug patterned [plug size (0.2µm)]
  SKW5PB (RAM 7) Plug patterned [plug size (0.15µm)]
  SKW5-J085 Plug patterned [plug size (0.16µm)] for 90nm technology node
  SKW 5-ICP-A (ATR30) 90nm technology
  SKW 5-ICP-B (K194) 90nm technology
Wafer Type Mask Features
Poly Si
SKW3AS 200mm
  SKW3PS 200mm
  SKW3PN 200mm
  SKW3DPS New! 200mm
  Wafer Type Mask Features
SKW 6(C)-3.18 TEOS  
  SKW 6(L)-3.18 BD  
  SKW 6(L)-3.18 TEOS  
  SKW 6-3.13 BD New! 90nm technology node
  SKW 6-3.18 TN BD New!  
  SKW 6-3.13 TEOS New! 90nm technology node
  SKW 6-3.18 TN TEOS  
  SKW 6-3.13 BD/SiON 90nm technology node
  SKW 6-3.18 TN BD/SiON  
  SKW 6-5 BD 90nm technology node
  SKW 6-5 TEOS 90nm technology node
  SKW 6-5 BD/SiON 90nm technology node
  Wafer Type Mask Features
SKW 7-2 New!  
  SKW 3-2 New!  
  SKW 3-2 C-6700-HDP New!  
  SKW 3-5 New! Defectivity evaluation
  SKW 3-6 New! Planarity and defectivity evaluation
  SKW 5-3 New!  
  SKW 6-3 BD New! Cu/Low-k
  SKW 6-3 CORAL New! Cu/Low-k
  SKW 6-3 TEOS New!  
  SKW3-764ETC303 New! STI CMP Evaluation
SOI Wafer
  Bonded SOI wafer
    Data Sheet
      SOI solutions for MEMS/MST
      RF MEMS and RF PIN diodes  
      Optoelectronics / micro-mirrors
      Smart power
      Solid State Relays
      Integrated sensors
      Advanced analog ICs
  Customised Substrate Design
Solar wafers
PV-FZ , Solar wafers, Solar cells, M-CZ, HEM, Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Modules
Other wafers
EPI, GaAs, Ge, InP Glass, Quartz, Pyrex, Sapphire